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Three of our most popular games have been selected to include in our family games bundle. We've received some fantastic feedback about these and are offering free UK postage and a great saving on all three together.

Kingdomino: a majestic twist on a popular classic. Become King of your domain! Connect your dominoes wisely to build the most impressive realm, but be careful, other Kings are also coveting the most profitable lands to win the most prestige points. Winner of multiple awards including the 2017 Spiel des Jahres and 2017 Gouden Ludo Best Family.

Sushi Go!: the fast-playing card game where the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by and become the sushi master! Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favourite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value but be sure to leave room for dessert! Winner of the UK Games Expo Best General Card Game award.

Fluxx the card game with ever-changing rules. It all begins with one basic rule: draw one card, play one card. As cards are played the rules change rapidly. New Rules are cards that change the way you play. Actions let you shake up the game on your turn. Keepers are cards you collect for victory. Goals keep you on your toes by changing the object of the game! Winner of the Mensa Select Award.

  • Kingdomino is recommended for 2–4 players age 8+
  • Sushi Go! is recommended for 2-5 players age 8+
  • Fluxx is recommended for 2-6 players age 8+
  • Eligible for our free gift-wrapping service if required

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