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  • TENZI - the World's Fastest Dice Game
Tenzi - the world's fastest dice game by Carma Games.  The rules are simple: everyone has ten dice, someone says "go" and everyone rolls at the same time. Put aside any dice you want to keep and roll again.  The winner is the first to get all 10 dice to match.  The rules include 10 different ways to play including Splitzi (get five dice of one number and five of another), Stealzi (steal your opponent's dice) and Tenzi Tower (stack the dice you want to keep!).

  ▪  Includes 40 dice (4 sets of 10 dice in random colours) and English instructions
  ▪  Recommended for 2-4 players age 7+
  ▪  Add extra dice in different colours to play with more players

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TENZI - the World's Fastest Dice Game

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